The Beach Hut

The Beach Hut

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Coffee Morning

I went out to coffee this morning.  There were six of us and, wanting to try somewhere different, we went to a local pub which is famous for its Christmas decorations.  We arranged to meet at 11am and after waiting out in the rain for 10 minutes for the pub to open the doors we entered a veritable grotto with walls and ceilings literally covered with gold, silver, red and green tinsel and sparkling garlands .......  and the coffee was pretty good too!

There’s something special about morning coffee, I’d much rather go to coffee with friends than go out to dinner; talking and eating is something of a skill that I haven’t quite acquired– I enjoy my food too much to let it go cold while holding a conversation.

Anyway, we were still there an hour later, deep in conversation.  Apart from our group there was one other table occupied by a small party, but that wasn’t good enough apparently.  As the waitress cleared the tables she asked if we would be ordering a meal, and when we said no, she replied that if we weren’t planning to order they would need the table.  We all left, leaving a totally empty pub behind us!  I wonder if they had the lunchtime rush they were obviously expecting?